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Good Grief

I recently took a poll on Instagram and asked my followers if they preferred I keep it less personal or if they wanted to see more of "me" on the blog and my Instagram feed and everyone (except for 1) voted that they wanted to see a bit more of from me personally, so today is the day. This post is pretty near to my heart and I thought I would share it.

Unless you know me personally, or know my family, you probably don't know that I have been going through the journey of infertility. (When I confide this in people a lot of times their knee jerk reaction is to tell me to enjoy being young and married without kids, and while my husband and I do enjoy our time together we mutually decided we wanted to have children while we are younger so we can raise them before we get too feeble haha) Perhaps I should call it a roller-coaster because I've experience all kinds of emotions, partly due to hormones, and the other part due to the fact that it makes you feel all sorts of thi…

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