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Off with the old...On with the new

Today is the last day of 2018 and I couldn't let it slip by without a post. It's been awhile since I posted, mostly because it has been crazy, but also because I have been working on designing a new site... Hopefully I will publish it soon. I have decided to move away from "Blogger" and on to another site to build up my blog.

I will probably post some of my goals for the New Year soon, but today I want to just write an a recap of 2018 and maybe a letter of sorts to 2019.

In short, 2018 had a lot of good moments, but it also had some terribly heart wrenching moments, and at this point in my life, when I think over the year, the bad over shadows the good. I will not miss 2018, in fact it is probably one of the worst years so far. However, it doesn't do any good to dwell on the bad so here are some highlights of 2018:

Visiting Maine for the first timeMy first airplane rideStarting this blog/IGGetting my first collaboration (with the Sea Crow Company)Celebrating my fi…

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